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I'm a freelance creative person with many interests; music, photography, small space design , modelmaking, and everything in between!

Projects I've Completed:
- The original soundtrack (OST) for Shrouded in Sanity  (a Lovecraftian inspired indie video game)
 - The original soundtrack (OST) for Usurper (the sequel to Shrouded in Sanity)
- A 30 second animated advert for Feltham & Feltham LLP (including music);

Projects In Progress:
- Project Whistle-stop - A documentary about the village of Woodgreen

Programs I Use:

- Reason 7.1 (DAW music production)
Audacity (editing audio files/exporting music as MP3s)
Adobe Premiere Pro/Photoshop/Illustrator/Flash (basic animation/photo editing/graphic design/video editing)
SketchUp (3D design)
Visualizer (3D renders)
Kerkythea (3D renders)

The full version:

Hi, I'm Jam!
Now you can see how the name Studio Jamming came about!

I guess the best way to describe me is as a freelance creative person with many interests. Music, photography, small space design and modelmaking to name just a few. There's not really one particular interest that I want to hone in on and do as a career, hence why I've gone down a freelance route. I get the freedom to chose what I want to do when I feel like it.

So what's my story so far?

Well, it all started off when I began to learn the piano at primary school... probably some 13 years ago by now! After 10 years of learning classical music by rote, I decided that I wanted to do something more. It was whilst working in the kitchen at a local pub that I was given a copy of Reason 5 by a colleague. Within the year I was making music for a friend of mine who was making his first video game.

Sadly we were unable to release the game due to circumstances out of our control, but not before I finished almost all the music for it, as well as the game trailers. This project taught us both valuable lessons and skills, and so despite the setback we cracked on with the next project...

... which was Shrouded in Sanity - a Souls-inspired sanity-based game. For this game I composed all music - well over 40 mins worth in total, as well as two bonus tracks for those who bought the OST as well as the game. This project was a great success, and it seems the music was well received, much to my delight!

And so, fast forwarding to today, I am now currently composing music for the sequel - Usurper. There will be a whole lot more music than in the previous game, with every area, every boss, and every main character having its own music. That's a surprising amount of music considering it's not a AAA game!

That about sums up the music, but I've also self-taught myself various 3D design programs, as well as photography, and a little bit of modelmaking and graphic design. All of these are things that I only do for my own benefit currently, so it's not really worth me expanding on this. Whenever I'm not making music, you can be sure that I'm designing small spaces, editing gaming videos, or taking photos! 

Jam, [StudioJamming]

P.s. No, I never did music exams. You can't test creativity. Oh, and don't talk to me about universities!