About me

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Hi, I’m Jam!

I'm a freelance creative person with many interests; music, photography, small space design , model-making, and everything in between!

Paid Projects I've Completed:
- The original soundtrack (OST) for Shrouded in Sanity (a Lovecraftian inspired indie video game)
- The original soundtrack (OST) for Usurper (the sequel to Shrouded in Sanity)
- A 30 second animated advert for Feltham & Feltham LLP (including music)

Projects In Progress:
- The Story of Woodgreen - A documentary about the village of Woodgreen

- Reason 8.4
(DAW music production)
- Audacity (editing audio files/exporting music as MP3s)
- Adobe Premiere Pro/Photoshop/Illustrator/Flash (basic animation/photo editing/graphic design/video editing)
- SketchUp (3D design)
- Visualizer (3D renders)
- Kerkythea (3D renders)

- Voicemeeter (virtual audio interface)

- M-Audio Oxygen 88
- MIDI Keyboard/Controller (fully weighted, 88 keys)
- M-Audio AV-40 - Studio monitors

+ My Story | Click to expand

Born in 1993, with a cleft lip and palate (which needed 2 operations to fix), it's not always been an easy life! That said, I'd consider myself lucky; especially now that I get to do the things I enjoy, rather than learning by rote. I may be very introverted, and prefer my own company; but I love to express myself via music. It acts as a great way to release those inner struggles!
- - -
Nowadays, I keep myself active with a range of interests and hobbies. Some are seasonal, some come and go, and some are near constant. This mix helps maintain productivity in at least one area. Music composition tends to come in waves, hence why I'm reluctant to hone in on it as a career. 3D design is another of my interests, with a particular focus on small-space designs and tiny homes. Houses are completely unaffordable, and my desire to combat this with tiny house designs means that throughout 2018, I have published a new design every month; with a full write-up and 3D renders over on my blog.
- - -
I have enjoyed photography for many years; almost as long as music. Again, it's something I do as more of a hobby than anything serious, but taking photos has been a great way of exploring the local area and getting myself physically active.
- - -
However, a new project has since arisen! Throughout this year and the next, I’ll be producing an entire documentary by myself. The focus will be the village that I’ve grown up in; it’s about time I gave something back to the beautiful place I call home! For more information on this project, click here: The Story of Woodgreen

+ Music Composition | Click to expand

Well, it all started off when I began to learn the piano at primary school... probably some 13 years ago by now! After 10 years of learning classical music by rote, I decided that I wanted to do something more. It was whilst working in the kitchen at a local pub that I was given a copy of Reason 5 by a colleague. Within the year I was making music for a friend of mine who was making his first video game. Sadly, we were unable to release the game due to circumstances out of our control, but not before I finished almost all the music for it, as well as the game trailers. This project taught us both valuable lessons and skills, and so despite the setback, we cracked on with the next project...
- - -
... which was Shrouded in Sanity - a Souls-inspired sanity-based game. For this game, I composed well over 40 mins worth of music in total, as well as two bonus tracks for those who bought the OST as well as the game. This project was a great success, and it seems the music was well received, much to my delight!
- - -
Soon it was time for the next project... the sequel to Shrouded in Sanity; Usurper. After a monumental amount of composing, the project was complete, with a soundtrack that added up to over 3 hours and 20 minutes! An excessive amount of music for an indie game, but boy am I pleased with the result!
- - -
With Usurper completed, music for the next sequel, Into the Fray, is very slowly progressing (I really burned myself out completely after Usurper!). What makes things even more difficult is that most of the soundtrack will be metal; not exactly a genre I’m familiar, nor comfortable with! It’s all a good challenge though!
- - -
Whilst this is going on, a longer-term project is also on the cards; The Story of Woodgreen; this will be my very first documentary, and along with all the filming, editing, and script-writing, I will also produce all music required for it!