The short version:

My name is Jamie Warne, but everyone knows me as Jam (hence "Studio Jamming").

I have decided to embark upon a new adventure. After having had piano lessons for about 10 years I felt now is the right time to start composing and producing a variety of music. My first project was composing music for an indie video game "Border: Remembrance", and also producing the game trailers as well. Unfortunately the project was put on hold, but not before I had just finished creating the final launch trailer for the demo. I had also created half a dozen or so pieces of music by this point. Since then, the same developer asked me to produce music for his second game "Shrouded In Sanity" - a sanity based "souls" inspired game. Almost all the music has been composed and recorded for this project. You can find this music under 'Portfolio'.

Currently I am stepping back a bit from music, and focusing more on design work based around small spaces. These designs can be found both in the 'Portfolio' section and the official blog pages above. I aim to get a blog update once a month. Sometimes it may be longer, sometimes more frequent!

And now the slightly longer version:

I have multiple hobbies which are all really important to me, from photography to gaming, to model-making and of course music. Music is a tricky business to get started in, but it is something I feel really passionate about. It is probably the only thing that can unite people from all around the globe. And that is why it is so special.

Whilst (as mentioned earlier) I had 10 years of piano lessons, I was only taught classical songs by rote. I decided that enough was enough, and whilst the lessons were extremely valuable to me, they did not let me unleash my creative side. Around that time, I met a few friends gaming online and it turned out one of them was looking for a music composer for his first video game. This is where it all started really. I managed to grab a copy of Reason 5 and from there on in it was self-taught experimentation.

It was great that it was both his first project and my first project, and I was extremely lucky that the styles of music I preferred were ones he wanted for Border: Remembrance. As we had already known each other from gaming for a couple years, it made the whole process a lot quicker as every day we would talk and exchange concepts, files and suggestions. Coming up to the first demo of his game and progress was astonishingly fast. I managed to make 2 entire 4 minute pieces of music in a day. You just can't do this without constant communication like we have.

Anyway, long story short although the project was put on hold, it was an amazing experience for us both. We were both learning as we went. It gave me a risk free project with which to experiment, and I also learnt a great deal about the process and my abilities. It seemed only natural to progress onto his second project Shrouded In Sanity (which you can buy on Steam).

Jam, [StudioJamming]

P.s. No, I never did music exams. You can't test creativity. Oh, and don't talk to me about universities!