My new "composers" desk - Part 2 - Designs Cont... / by Jamie Warne

Hi, me again!

I've taken the liberty to expand upon my designs from yesterday. I've re-modelled the corner sections of the desk and added integral storage "bins". As mentioned, I don't have any rack gear but I didn't want the space to be waster. Thus I came up with the idea of lifting panels that allow you to access fairly deep storage areas for all the random bits of cables, leads, old mics, notepads etc. that you have lying around! I've no idea if this will affect the acoustics (particularly as the lids will be perforated and allow sound into the "bins" but I guess there is only one way to find out.

The other change to the corner sections is making two identical shaped panels to ease construction. Now there are 2 sections per corner, making up in total 4 identical corner sections. I also wanted to do this to make it a bit easier to disassemble should I need to move it on the odd occasion. Hopefully this means the 4 corner sections can come apart, and the middle section and just be unbolted from the ends. Having thought about it now as I type this, I will probably need to add double legs instead of the center single leg on each corner (if you can visualise that!).

Because of the slightly different corner arrangement, I have added shallow rhombus shaped perforated panels on the straight section of desk to make up the rest of the sloped section either side of the PC monitors. These will either be just for aesthetics, or i'll find a use for them. Maybe a bit more storage!

I have also slightly modified the desk tidy tray in front of the PC monitors in that it is now sloped as well to the same angle as the panels either side to make it "flow" a little better.

I think that about sums it up, and I'm really happy with how the design is coming along. In fact I think I'm pretty much done with the design. The added storage will make all the difference as I have a lot of stuff around my current workspace that could do with being stored out of the way (but still easily accessible).