Jam's Advantures Part III - Proper Renders! / by Jamie Warne

Good news! After a few false starts trying to find a free but half decent renderer for Sketchup, I finally found one that works (Visualizer) - and it's pretty damn good! Unlike seemingly every other renderer, not only is this one absolutely free (forever), but it is not locked at a small resolution, and will not put a watermark over the finished result. It's also very capable (if mind-numbingly slow for interior renders (although that could be user error)).

Here we see the main area looking towards the desk area which is set up for daytime laptop use. The dual computer monitors have been pushed to one side via their mounting track to allow an unhindered view out of wherever I've parked the van!

Just before I share the rest of the renders, I have also changed a large amount of (mainly small) things since the last blog post. One major change was the complete re-modelling of the cabinet by the side sliding door because I realised it was blocking the door handle. On the bright side, I now have a proper kitchen work surface! Click on the button below to see the full list and more details:

Full Changelog

- I've trimmed the floor boards by 5cm on the cab end as they were too long
- I finally worked out how to cut out a hole in the roof for the ventilation fan
- Rotated and resized one of the solar panels so it isn't clipping through the fan
- The fan is now in the right place, and in the right colours
- The internal walls now have their window openings at the correct height, and the pillars fixed
- Footwell on the side door has been added
- Hole cut in the floor to stop the wetroom floor from glitching out (there were overlapping textures)
- Holes cut in the floor for the wheel wells, so these are no longer visible from the outside
- The cab parition wall is now no longer floating
- I found a keyboard and mouse on the Warehouse and added it to the desk
- I also found a microphone and mic arm/mount to attach to the dual monitors

It was also necessary to modify the cabinet by the sliding door to enable access to the door handle from the inside. To this end, the following was done:
- A section was cut out completely from the lower left side for door handle access
- All the shelving was readjusted, and the middle partition was moved to the left, and doors readjusted
- The middle section of the cabinet was also removed in favour of a permanent countertop space
- The whole area underneath the new work counter (90cm high up) is now dedicated to the electric boxes, inverter, batteries, and charge controller. This allows a much more convenient and larger space for power storage and electrics.
- The top section was modified slightly to copy the style of the overhead lockers in the main space. Food storage is now earmarked for this cabinet. - Finally, I have added a toaster from the component Warehouse to suggest that this area will be the kitchenette. The duvet space that used to be here is now in the spare large under-bed storage box. All other clothes will be in the vertical cabinet on the other side between the cab and the wetroom.

Note: These renders are not as good as they could be. Most of them wanted/needed between 8 hours and a day to render - I'm afraid I got bored (and was also running out of time) so each image was left to render for only about 30 or 40 minutes. So there will be some rather grainy images, but my aim was to give a reasonably quick (ha!) idea of my design, rather than a professional quality pitch! As always, click on an image to expand.