Mini Concepts - A collection of 5 tiny garden offices / by Jamie Warne

Tiny Garden Offices

Content will continue to be sporadic for the next month at least, but here's a little blog post for those looking for some tiny garden offices. I emphasise the word 'tiny' here! As usual I've put my own furniture in them, but in reality you could use the building for whatever you wanted.

Each variant of the design ranges from between 5m² to just over 6m². Instead of writing a long description of each design, I've attached an image showing the key points. As you'll see, I don't think you can go much smaller and still have a lounge or chillout area. That is... unless you wanted a window seat. Hmm. Now there's an idea...!

Anyway, as always, click on an image to expand it into a lightbox. And feel free to leave your comments/feedback below!

The Wedge v1

The Wedge v2

The Winged Office

The Y Shape

The Small Pitch