Mini Concepts - A collection of 5 small space ideas / by Jamie Warne

Over the past couple of years, I've come up with a few random small space designs. Only a select few have made it onto this website; either because I didn't consider them good enough or well thought through, or I never completed them. However, I thought I might as well show them as they may still be of interest.

As these were never intended for release, and I think the renders are pretty self explanatory, for once you won't have to read through a whole wall of text... hurray!  I hope you might find a little bit of inspiration from these, or at least enjoy the renders. See ya next time!

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

#1 The Lifeguard Retreat

Inspired by lifeguard huts, but also taking a leaf out of treehouses, this design is a little crazy!


#2  A-Frame Garden Studio

Well... it started off as an A-frame but soon became more of a standard shape when I realised an A-frame has to be big to be useful!

#3  "Studio C" - Small Apartment

A self contained small dwelling with private patio area, and an open-planned living space. The bed is hidden under openable panels on the raised floor area, or alternately you can use the sofa bed!

#4  Oak Frame Apartment

Another relatively small but functional design. A pull out bed from the raised section is probably more useful than the design in "Studio C", however, the kitchen is quite small. The raised studio space makes for a nice place to work, with the dividing half wall used as the eating area.

# 5  The Tiny House

Originally started life as a project for a friend, but I've since redesigned it in SketchUp. Some slight modifications have been made to give more of an open plan feel.

I hope you enjoyed a pictorial look at some of my previously unseen designs. If you have any comments or questions about any one of them, please feel free to comment below! Jam.