My New "Composers" Desk - 1st Step: The 3D model / by Jamie Warne

I've been using a crappy old small desk since I started music production 2 years ago. Actually, it isn't a desk, it's a table. One where I can just about fit my PC keyboard and mouse side by side (and even that is tight!). The MIDI keyboard hangs off of the ends of the desk by an alarming amount, and it is REALLY uncomfortable to play. It came to the point last week where it started to actually cause pain to play the keyboard.

Having looked online at what is already out there, I was disappointed (especially when I realised not only how expensive desks are, but also how none of them suited my requirements at all!). With my dad being a carpenter, me being an (unprofessional!) designer (plus I do have woodwork knowledge) I decided to design and build my own.

The main things the desk needed:

  1. A separate pull-out desk on castor wheels (not a tray!) for the 25KG MIDI keyboard to sit in. This also needed to be collapsible to fit in my car should I need to take it out somewhere!
  2. Plenty of space for PC keyboard and mouse
  3. As few reflections as possible (don't want sound bouncing off of the desk)
  4. Useful storage spaces
  5. Integral cable management

Thus, this is the design I have so far. It may well change, but this is version 5 already, so hopefully not! (Feel free to scroll through the gallery for more information about features of the desk.)

The perforated panels on the sloped rear section help to absorb sound waves coming from the speakers that would have otherwise bounced off of the desk causing unwanted delay. These will probably also be removable with storage space in them. I don't need any rack space because I have no gear to put in them! However, I did still want plenty of desk space for writing notes, drawing on A3 sheets or whatever else.

Other notable features included the thin PC keyboard shelf (again, helps reduce reflections), but still wide enough to comfortably sit and use the mouse and keyboard. There is also a portable foot pedal stand on the floor. I have constant problems with moving foot pedals, and this seems like a suitable solution.

Speakers are on separate stands (not connected to the desk in anyway) to minimise reflections and rattling. There is a tray in front of the PC monitors for things like drawing tablets and of course, your cup of tea! And finally, the desk is kind of modular - it would be easy to add supplementary sections on the end to form whatever shape desk you wanted.

Thanks for reading, I hope you found this post informative/useful/inspirational/interesting! Please feel free to add a comment or ask questions below!