A potential studio space! / by Jamie Warne

It's been a long time since an update, and I'll be honest - life has been somewhat setback. Setback by about a year in fact! I'm completely off-track and almost gave up on my idea of a small studio space after my bid to purchase a building failed. The less said, and less time dwelling the better!

So let's fast forward to the current day. I've been spurred on to making more progress and get my life back on track. As my one and only chance to buy a property failed, and even renting is completely out of the question money-wise I've no choice really but to stay at home with my parents. (I worked out with an average rent of £700/month, that costs £8,400 a year - before I left my job I was on £10k a year. So you can imagine that even with a full time job I would never be able to afford a place to rent (when you think about everything else you'd have to pay for - heating, electric, water, internet, car insurance, petrol for the car etc.).

So with all that said, it looks like the mini-studio idea is back on the cards. Thus, this is my idea:

The main studio space works out at about 4.5 x 4m. Not huge, and certainly only just enough space to fit in a desk, chair, coffee table and sofa!

I have been reading through "Home Recording Studio: Build it like the Pros" by Rod Gervais (ironically enough, the book was bought with a leaving gift (money voucher) from my last job!). Thus I intend to construct it to fairly high standards - double wall assemblies, resilient channel, plenty of mass, and custom built furniture. Not to mention acoustic panels and perhaps the diffuser on the back wall if needed in such a small space.

Design wise, I'm extremely keen on plenty of natural light. This boosts productivity, and makes me feel a lot calmer and at ease than I would stuck in a box room. I have also gone with a symmetrical design (octagon) both for acoustics and because I don't like unangled walls. This design may change in the coming weeks/months but so far, so good.

Overall, it IS a tiny space, especially for a recording studio. We'll see what changes will be needed during the design process. It may turn out that this is too small. In which case it could be back to the drawing board!

So expect more frequent updates from now on, and if construction does indeed begin, then I  will be documenting everything here. 'Till next time!

Jam [studiojamming.com]