The Egg - Unusual Office/Studio Pod / by Jamie Warne

The Egg COVER.jpg

I'd be lying if I said it hasn't been a struggle coming up with a design for this months blog entry! I think I've spent 2 weeks doodling and gone through about 8 designs before settling on this one - The Egg. The original aim was for a different take on my usual mini-office design, although it has turned into a mini music studio - taking design cues from one of my older designs "The Octagonal Studio" (see here). That said, it could still be used as an office, and the extra acoustic treatment should help keep the room quiet!

This plan also shows that the space is split into 2 sections; the studio area, and the lounge area. Although open plan, the curved walls provide a small amount of seperation between the two areas. I will be the first to admit that this design isn't exactly an efficient design, and is probably pretty wasteful with space, but I do think it still has some merits. For a start, the unusual egg shape is pretty aesthetically pleasing. As regular readers know, I hate square structures, and although some of my designs can be boxy, right-angled walls are rare. It's safe to say that even straight walls in this design are rare! They are limited to the windows, doors, and dividing "corridor" between the lounge and studio.

The Lounge

So let's have a look at the smallest area first - the lounge. It's a pretty small space; just large enough to fit in a chair and coffee table. In-built storage follows the curved walls, with copious amounts of space for books and decorative items. (From now on I'm going to refer to this storage wall, and the in-built acoustic wall around the inside of the studio as "the ring") This also forms a perfect spot for a large flatscreen TV to sit, with shelving above it, and a storage box below. You'll note that part of the ring in this room has an acoustic diffuser in. Technically this is completely unecesarry, but I really like it from an aesthetic point of view because it breaks up the wall of shelving nicely.

As always I like to take advantage of natural light, so a large full-height window is the order of the day. When combined with the comfy chair, it makes for a perfect place to sit, chill, and watch the world go by. Or... if you're sick of the world, just put up a blackout blind and watch the TV in peace. Or perhaps you'd rather read one of the many books - in that case, the easily manoeuvrable cable-stayed lamp is a useful aide!

To finish the lounge off, we have a log burning stove, with storage above and below for dry logs. With such a small building, this should be plenty to keep the place warm even during the coolest of evenings.

The Studio

This is where The Egg resembles my old Octagonal Studio design very closely. What it doesn't really capture though is the same acoustic precision - it's not a symmetrical shape which is crucial for a music studio (read: Control Room). For this reason, I'm not sure how effective it would actually be as a place for critical listening, but as it was originally going to be just a fancy office space, I'm not too bothered. Either way it will be a pleasant place to listen to music/work. The colour coded plan at the top of this post shows the acoustic treatment locations, and are placed in the positions you would normally find in studio control rooms. At the very least, these acoustics will minimise sound leakage from inside out and vice versa, so you'll have a quiet place to work!

In a way, it's actually a pretty minimalist room, with the desk and the chair being the only furniture. The "ring" consists entirely of acoustic treatment, and doesn't even feature any storage. I guess if you weren't too fussed with the acoustic treatment, you could easily exchange it for either open or closed shelving. The V shaped structure guessed it - more acoustic treatment. It does however also hold the two studio monitors (speakers) and is angled at the perfect angle for that "sweet spot" needed for perfect audio clarity. If I remember correctly, the centre of chair lines up with the centres of the speakers to form an equilateral triangle - with every side being 1.3m long.

A feature I love is the ambient lighting at the top of the ring (both in the studio room and the lounge) which really gives a great pop of colour. Since white features almost exclusively inside this building, any colour of lighting will look great (although you might want white/neutral coloured lampshades as well).

final thoughts

So that about sums up this design. I purposefully haven't shown much of the exterior because it's not something I've really decided upon, particularly with regard to the roof. I have considered adding circular skylights to both rooms, although I've rendered it without since I feel the buildings construction is already too complex! Either way, a sloped roof would be far too complex for this design, so I've gone with a flat green roof instead.

Overall, I think that aesthetically it's a really nice design... but the practical side leaves something to be desired! Let me know what you think in the comments below...

I would like some suggestions!

Before you go, I'm looking for some suggestions for my next design post. In particular I'm interested in the more unusual designs - do you want to see me try and design a home in an old water tower, or perhaps a retreat in a secluded forest. The more unusual the better! Please feel free to write a comment below with such an idea, or if you prefer you can always email me using the contact page. If you give a suggestion I feel I can work with, the next blog may well be featuring it!


Cable stayed floor lamp - SketchUp
Coffee table - Bowizzle
Chair (lounge) - Tom Wright
Office chair - Pedro
Door handles - Berke Alp
Log burning stove (altered) - joshcaleb
Log pile - TommyK
Stove kettle - daedra1k
Tea/Coffee mug - EddieB
Flatscreen TV - Tiago Crisostomo
Computer monitors - fmpflyer
Decorations - 5000 objets 3D, Unknown, Starrheit
Books - Cassol, Benedict Loyola, Joel, Pedro
Pendant lamps - SketchUp