Howdy! Here are some answers to questions I frequently get asked. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have another. 

Did you ever have any formal exams or qualifications in music/photography/graphics?

No! I'm one of those people that believes you can't test creativity effectively, therefore taking examinations has no impact other than stress! I went to uni for 1.5 years to study product design. Unfortunately it didn't pan out and I found out from that experience that uni really isn't for me. I had music lessons for 11 years but never took music exams either. Both photography and music composition are things I have decided to "teach" myself. And by "teach" I mean experiment, make mistakes, and then learn from them!

I don't have a lot of money, is there a way I can help?

Sure, and I'd be really grateful! You can't currently donate, but even just sharing this website with other people and helping to get the word out would be fantastic!

How often is the royalty free section updated?

I used to produce a piece of music a day, but I'm afraid that now I am committed to producing music that actually makes me money. Whilst that has taken priority, I do occasionally put up a new bit of music - the homepage will have all the latest content as well as announcements.

Can you do *insert music genre*?

Maybe! Take a look through the royalty free index and take a look at the styles I feel most comfortable doing. If it's not listed it probably means I've never tried that genre before, but please do email me if you have a request.

Where are you based?

I am based in The New Forest, Hampshire, in the south of England.

Do you do collaborations with other people?

Sometimes. As well as music for the Skautfold series of video games, I help out with testing, some graphics, media etc. Musically speaking I once composed and recorded a piano track for an advert promoting a pet charity. That's about it!

If you could give a tip to someone starting out in music composition, what would it be?

Well, of course this is a hard question to answer (let alone succintly!) however, I would say just to experiment with your instrument of choice. Go and explore places, find somewhere/someone to take inspiration from. It's a very hard thing to explain to someone, but you'll know when composing music is right for you when you can't stop thinking about songs that form in your head.

Is this music completely free to use?

Unless stated otherwise, yes!

Can I use your music for a non-profit project?

Yes. As long as you attribute me correctly.

Can I use your music in profitable projects (e.g. Youtube videos with ads)?

Yes. As long as you attribute me correctly.

Can I use your music in a game, mobile app, or...

Yes. As long as you attribute me correctly.

How do I attribute you correctly?

[Title of piece], Jamie Warne ( Licensed under Creative Commons: by Attribution 3.0

Does the attribution need to be visible?

Yes. It should be easy to find credits with little effort. E.g. in a Youtube video description

Did you write all the music on this website?


Can I alter your music (i.e. cut/splice/add instruments)

Yup! Feel free to do whatever you like. With, adding instruments, make sure you mention which parts are original and which are not.

How do I persuade someone else that this music is free to use?

Well, you can simply print out/email them a screenshot of the website with the piece of music, and also send them the actual license: