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The Story of Woodgreen

Looking from its inception to the present day; I take a look at the history of this New Forest village. Along the way, we'll discover not only its architecture, animals, and landscapes, and how they are being protected; but we'll also delve into the history of the village and its residents. Get involved, and help tell your stories of Woodgreen in this; my first documentary.

Project Overview


Example Topics To Be Explored:

History, Architecture & The People:

INTRO: Location
Early history (inc. Castle Hill)
20th Century - Present day
Architecture throughout the centuries
Amenities & village life
The people and their stories: past and present

Landscape & Nature:

INTRO: Make-up of The New Forest
Commoning & Animals

Project Details


Why make a documentary?

As part of both my desire to expand my skill set, and also to help preserve the memories of the village I’ve grown up in, I’ve decided to research and document the Parish of Woodgreen. This will look (in the form of a mini-documentary) from its inception, to the present day; focusing on history, nature, and the people. I’d also like to explore the effect that WWII had on the village, but also touch base on other, lesser-known events and stories that villagers wish to share.

I think it's important to share the stories of those people that make up such a lively community, and what better way to really be "in-the-moment" than through the eyes of a camera lens. Being able to clearly record both audio and video means I can capture everything I need to make a compelling look at the history of a place, and the people who call it home.


Why Woodgreen?

As a 25 year old who has lived in the village all my life, I’ve come to realise how little I know about the village I’ve grown up in (and I’m sure I’m not alone!). Truth is, due to the way the village was established, very little has been documented. In fact, so far, I've only come across one book about Woodgreen. So to build upon this knowledge, and bring it into the 21st century, I've chosen Woodgreen as the subject for my first foray into making documentaries.


How will it be produced?

I want to be completely transparent with this project; and whilst I have invested in some equipment, I will essentially be working alone, on zero budget, and with little experience. That said, I have always worked alone on everything I do; from filming, producing music, taking photographs, and editing videos. In fact, this website is a portfolio of just some of my work.

In order to tell the story of the village and its people in a genuine and natural way, I would love to have informal chats with people in front of a camera and microphone. This could be done either inside the interviewee's home, or outdoors; as I have equipment that deals with both situations. As such, I like to think I would be as flexible as possible; whether you would only wish to answer a few questions outside, or tell an entire story in your own time in the comfort of your own home - the choice is yours.

Any footage gathered can then be edited by me; as such, you can ask for certain aspects to be removed if you wish. I will always try and reduce the amount of audible/visible hesitations; so don't worry if the process doesn't come naturally for you. As they say "Just fix it in post!". In any case, don't forget; this will be an informal process! I'm looking for genuine stories and memories told in a natural manner. To achieve this, I will not be giving lists of questions that I will ask; however, I will be giving general themes so you still have something to go on ahead of time. This is meant to be an enjoyable experience, after all!

How you can help


I'm looking for:

1. Historical photos/video/documents that I can use in the documentary.
2. Informal chats (video/audio or both) on topics outlined above.
3. People with an interesting story to tell (video/audio/written or a combination).
4. Access to film in or outside properties (particularly listed buildings).
5. People with a direct role in preserving the village/surrounding area.
6. People with a creative/interesting job in the village who would love to be filmed and show me their work. (i.e. artists, crafts-persons, Verderers, commoners)
7. Anyone with a long-standing/direct connection to the village who may be able to supply information or stories to help with the production of this documentary in any way (whether willing to be filmed or not!).
8. Anyone that can point me in the direction of useful contacts or informational sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the documentary physically comprise of?

A mixture of informal interviews, stories, and factual segments; all interspersed with 1080p HD footage of the village. There will be full and clear audio; ambient sound, narration, and of course the interviews and stories. There will also be custom music that I will compose and produce to accompany the documentary.

How long will the documentary be?

This depends almost entirely on how many people come forward to tell their stories; as such it could be anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour long!

How many people will be involved with this documentary?

I will be producing the vast majority of the documentary by myself (if not all of it!); from filming, sound, music, research, editing, and graphic design. Currently I am undecided if I will narrate and ask questions, or if it is better to get someone else to do this so I can concentrate on the technical side of it.

What are the risks and challenges?

As I'll be pretty much the only person involved in the production of this whole documentary, it is likely (even with the best research and planning) that things will go wrong from time to time. Whilst I will do my utmost to reduce the chance of this happening, I cannot rule such issues out. In the event a recording doesn't come out as intended, or you are not happy with an aspect of it, I will likely either ask to re-record it at a later date, scrap the segment entirely, or try and cut around the issue. Hopefully, none of this will happen, but it's worth mentally preparing for such eventualities.

What if I decide I don't want my appearance to be in the documentary?

Any filming will only make it to the final edit if you are entirely happy with the result. Due to logistics, I can't promise to send an example of your appearance for your approval; hence why I suggest mentioning anything you don't want included BEFORE it makes it to the editing process. In most cases, re-editing the documentary will not be something that can be done without a lot of effort.

Can I tell a story or be "interviewed" without appearing on camera/audio recordings?

For the vast majority of cases, I'm happy to narrate on your behalf. Obviously it would feel more natural if it came from you, but I completely understand if you don't feel up to it.

What kind of stories are you looking for?

I'm looking for anything relevant to the history of Woodgreen. Perhaps you used to run a business in the village (i.e. you helped run a shop), or maybe you can tell me about a historical event that was celebrated in the village? Or maybe you can tell me what life was like in the village in the old days, and can recall some interesting/funny stories of your youth. Perhaps you can tell me about past generations of your family that lived and/or worked in the village?

What kind of factual segments/"interviews" are you looking for?

Immediate examples that come to mind include the work of the Verderers, Forestry Commissioners, and anyone involved in the conservation, restoration and management of Woodgreen or The New Forest in general. I'm also specifically looking for first-hand accounts; perhaps you had a strong hand in the construction/campaigning for the community shop.

What kind of historical items are you looking for?

Again, realistically I'm looking for anything relevant to the history of Woodgreen. Old photos of buildings, Woodgreen in general, or events in the village are the obvious ones; but I'm open to anything - especially ones I'm able to physically use in the documentary itself. Even if you have an old photo of a cricket match in the village, that will be useful to help put the community into context. Other formats will be equally as well received; from video, to old documents and books.


Help document the story of woodgreen

If this documentary sounds like something you’d love to be a part of, or you know someone else that might be, you can contact me (Jamie Warne) on the form below. Any information or help will be of great assistance!

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