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Jamie Warne

I'm a freelance photographer, videographer & modelmaker based here in the beautiful New Forest. I also do other creative things from time to time; including working on community projects. Please feel free to email me at any time using the button at the bottom of every page; where you can also find all of my social media links - I'd love to help you!


Studio Jamming is my (Jamie Warne's) solo venture; a tiny company I started to share my various passions:
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Composing music
  • Designing tiny architectural spaces
  • Model-making
  • Video production & editing
  • Graphical asset creation
With many years under my belt, I now primarily offer photography and videography services to individuals, wedding couples, families, and even business - anyone who wants something captured in a uniquely down-to-earth way.

I'm based in the beautiful and rural New Forest, in the south of England, UK. However, I will happily travel further afield if need-be.


Absolutely! Everything I do, including this entire website and all its contents are all my own work - right down to the coding! I have always taught myself everything I need - not in a big-headed way, but because that's the method that I find works for me! I've always found that practical experience far outweighs that which you might get from classroom learning and exams.

Whilst I'm naturally an introverted person, I'm always happy to work alongside other professionals. As well as working alongside other photographers on other projects, whilst composing music for the Skautfold series of video games, I also helped out with testing, grammar, some graphics, media, and even public relations! Musically speaking, I once composed and recorded a piano track to fit lyrics written by a songwriter; who was working on an advert promoting a pet charity. So yes, I'm always happy to work alongside others, and to go the extra mile.

  • Photography/videography of weddings
  • Photography/videography of family events
  • Photography/videography of small businesses
  • Headshots
  • Photo sessions at a location of choice
  • Design work; posters, invitations, postcards, logos, business cards (physical copies printed by 3rd party)
  • Modelmaking (scale models of buildings, scenes etc & model railways)
  • 3D visualisations of properties and similar projects

  • It starts with an initial email from the client, with their initial requirements set out.
  • I reply, often asking for additional information to make sure I have all the information that I need.
  • Once the client shares this information, I can provide a no-obligation quote.
  • A face-to-face meeting is usually next - where we meet somewhere convenient to check over the clients' needs.
  • A contract is written up, and will be signed by both myself and the client(s), and will include the final quote.
  • A deposit is paid by the client to secure my services (between 30 to 50% of the quote).
  • The rest of the quote is paid by the client (usually a week before the event), and the project is photographed/filmed, and editing begins.
  • For photography, a small selection of photos will be shared within the first week to the client for approval.
  • The rest of the photos will then be edited and shared with the client.
  • For video, this will be sent to the client once finished.
  • Final feedback from the client, followed by any edits requested by them.
  • Project completed!


That's a surprisingly tough question to answer! Depending on workload, how many pieces you require, and what style you require; I may be able to produce custom music for you. See next question for more info.

Cost: Depends on how many pieces you need, what style you want, and other technical details. As such, I can't really give a definitive answer; especially as the only paid work I've done so far was based on a percentage of the project's profit, rather than being a fixed rate per song. If pushed, I'd say £10/min of music is a good starting point... (Don't underestimate how long it takes to produce music; it often takes anywhere upwards of 30mins to produce even the simplest minute of music!)

Styles: Whilst I don't mind the odd challenge in producing music styles outside of my comfort range, I'm most adept at producing two very different styles of music; rock and orchestral! I also quite enjoy a bit of blues and jazz. However, if you're looking for something like dubstep (or any urban styles), you've come to the wrong place! Sorry! If in doubt, check out my Bandcamp page (linked at the bottom of every page) to get a feel for the music I produce.

Well, everyone has to start somewhere. I knew I did not have the skill, experience, or qualifications needed to produce music for other people for a fee. I decided the best idea was therefore to produce some royalty free music, in styles that I wanted to experiment in.

As long as a piece of music is marked "royalty free", the ONLY restriction is that you attribute me and my website correctly.

The bare minimum is to add this in a prominent place:
Music by Jamie Warne,

Although if you want the full attribute, it's this:
[Title of piece], Jamie Warne ( Licensed under Creative Commons: by Attribution 3.0

Such attribution should be clearly visible in a prominent place, i.e. in the credits of your project, or the description of a Youtube video


The only other area I do make a bit of money from is modelmaking. I am a frequent contributor to BRM (British Railway Modelling), where I am often tasked with building small scale dioramas; together with a corresponding article, photos, and a video or two. I also do photoshoots of other model railways for them to feature in the magazine.

For once, I'm using my interest in photography and videography to produce something big; a documentary on the village I grew up in. You can find out more here: