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What are cookies?

A cookie is a small data (text) file, often including a unique identifier, which is sent to your computer, mobile phone or other device by the web server so that website can remember some information about your browsing preferences on the website. No other website has access to these files.
How cookies are used

  • To present a personalised view of the website
  • To allow you to comment on the website
  • Third party cookies (i.e. those found on embedded Youtube videos) - I have no control over these, but you can disable embedding if you wish to disable them; this will turn the embedded video into a link to the video instead. Clicking on that link will direct you to the 3rd party website; where you will be subject to their cookies.
Types of Cookies

  • Session Cookies - These are stored only for the duration of your visit, and are deleted when you close your browser
  • Persistent Cookies - These are saved on your device for a fixed period of time (typically a month or a year), even after the browser has been closed.
  • Functional cookies - These remember your preferences.
  • Essential cookies - These are essential for the running of parts of the website (i.e. saving items in your shopping cart or in a multi-page form).
Typical information stored in cookies

  • The device‚Äôs IP address and browser type
  • The device's operating system
  • The device's broad location
  • The pages you visit on this website
  • The date and time you access this website
  • If you linked to this website from another, the address of that website as well
Privacy Policy

A legal basis is required to process your data; as such, GDPR sets out 6 lawful bases, of which I rely on only 2 of them:

Legitimate Interests

  • To personalise your experience on this site
  • To deal with enquiries and complaints
  • To allow you to comment on this site


  • Where you actively agree to share your data (i.e. by sending me an email)
  • Where you opt-in (i.e. to a newsletter)
What is done with your data?

Unlike many websites that send personal data onto third parties for further processing, your data is not shared with ANYONE. As a sole trader, only I have access to such a database, and I only use your data for its intended purpose. No agents, no sponsors, no ad services, no marketing, no audit services, and no other companies or third parties. I also don't put trackers on emails, which some companies use to test effectiveness of marketing techniques.


  • Right to be forgotten (the right to have your details removed)
  • Right to request details of what information is held about you
  • Right to correct incorrect, out-of-date, or incomplete data
  • Right to withdraw consent of processing your personal data
  • Right to complain to the ICO (the UK data protection supervisory authority)

It is my responsibility to safely document and store any personal data. I must also explain how long such data is retained, the lawful basis for processing the data, and also have a process in place for locating and deleting such data. I also have an obligation to provide a list of data that is held, and must do so within one month of such a request being made by a customer. It is also my responsibility to make sure consent is sought to store data and cookies.