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Wedding Videography

This is all about you!

It probably goes without saying that a wedding is the most important day of your life; commitment, love, and happiness shared not only between you (the couple) but also in front of all your closest family and friends. That's why I feel it's important to capture every moment of your day; and in a personal way that explores everything that means anything to you.

A big part of videography and photography, at least for me, is sharing a story. And what better occasion is there than a wedding! I'm passionate about finding the little things that really come together to make your day special. Personal connections are everything. I want to find out the backstory behind every little detail at your wedding; perhaps an aunt has produced beautiful bouquets, or the table decorations have been made by hand by a friend. Perhaps the wedding is themed (however subtly) around an important life event or location (perhaps where you first met).

To truly produce photographs or a video that encapsulates your marriage, it has to be more than just capturing the main event. That's why I like to sit down with the couple and find out as much as I can about their story; their journey together so far, and what matters to them most.

This is all about you!

Nicky & Rich's Wedding Highlights


The following information is only provided in a ball-park kind of way; every wedding and every couple is unique, but I thought it would help to give an overview of what you can expect. In reality, any packages would be tailor-made to suit you! The first step is usually a quick email, followed by in-person chat(s) and/or virtual calls so that I can really get to know you as a couple.

Don't ever hesitate to ask any questions; no matter how ridiculous or minor they may seem. Remember: this is your wedding. Your story to tell. Help me to tell it!


from £650

• 5 hours coverage

• Full ceremony

• Full speeches

• 4-6 minute cinematic film


from £1000

• 8 hours coverage

• 1 partner filmed in the morning

• Full ceremony

• Full speeches

• 8-10 minute cinematic film

• 1 minute trailer (ideal for social media)


from £1500

• 12 hours coverage

• Both partners filmed in the morning

• Full ceremony

• Full speeches

• 12-16 minute cinematic film

• 1 minute trailer (ideal for social media)

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Gosh I am teary eyed, I cannot explain how much this video means to both of us! Can’t wait to show family at the weekend!

Nicky Varney 🤍

Find out more!

The above packages outline the basics included, but there is far more that goes into each package! Below, you can download a detailed PDF document showing exactly what is included within each package, as well as add-ons that can be requested. A detailed pricing breakdown of my service costs is available on request, as are other formats of any documents - just email me or contact me on my socials, and I'd be happy to help!

  Videography packages & add-ons

Interested in being able to relive your wedding forevermore? Or perhaps you would just like additional information? Simply click/tap the buttons below! The first button below allows you to fill in a no-obligation online form - within which is a link to a document outlining the types of questions I will likely ask in order to capture your special day. The second button is a direct email link for you to ask any questions. I look forward to hearing from you!

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